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About New Student Orientation Modules

How do I access these orientation modules?

The login link is found on this page or through the side navigation. You can also login HERE Your UTEP credentials are the first part of your UTEP e-mail as your username, and the password you have selected.  If you are unable to activate your account or need assistance resetting your password, please go to Help Desk Chat or call (915) 747-4357 (HELP). They will also help re-set your password, or any other issues you may encounter.


How do I know if I have completed a module successfully?

You must earn 100% for each quiz that is found in each module.  You are able to re-take the quiz multiple times. All modules need to be completed, with all videos watched, to successfully complete this part of New Student Orientation.


How do I show I have completed the modules?

The New Student Orientation administrators will be notified, as well as have access to the website to verify.  You are also able to see your completion under "My Results" which you can screenshot to verify your completion of any module.


Do I need to complete the modules in any particular order?

No, however, the modules are designed to take you to a subsequent module upon completion. We recommend following this structure.


Who do I contact if I have trouble logging in or find an error on the website?

Please contact Steven Varela, Associate Director for Creative Studios, at stvarela@utep.edu.


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